Barn Doors

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Obviously, barn doors were originally found on barns.
But lately they have been very popular and have been adopted for interior and exterior doors on residential homes. They are great for rooms with a more industrial or rustic look or if you’d like to add that look to your existing home. Six Panel doors are the most common doors used for barn doors in residential homes today. Usually made of wood or MDF, they’re designed with a classic pattern of square panels for the desired look, but basically you can choose any door type to use as a “Barn Door”. It is just the hardware system used to create the “Barn Door” effect.

Other than adding a unique look to your home by the addition of the “Interior Barn Door” is the space saving aspect of them. Especially in most houses that desire the “Open Concept” look and feel, barn doors save tremendously on space and furniture placement compared to other door types (swing ins and outs, bi-foldsetc.).

Call the professionals at General Millwork Supply and ask about your endless ‘Interior Barn Door” Options. They truly are endless based on your style preference, space and budget. The experts are here to help, so come on into their showroom!