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Bay and bow windows are window combinations that project outward from a home. Choose from a variety of style and operational options.When choosing new windows, many people often wonder if there is a big difference between bay and bow windows. While they do have their similarities, there is a lot of differences between the two.

Both are beautiful and provide elegant arches and angles, not to mention a large view. It’s important that before purchasing one or the other for your home that you educate yourself on the differences and how they may affect you. Bay and Bow windows definitely have an advantage over traditional flat windows in that they provide a larger viewing area to the outdoors then would otherwise be possible. This is due to their protruding construction. The 180 degree arc design of bay and bow windows allow for the window to protrude from the wall, and grants the viewer a wider, more accessible and non-obstructed view. This is also a design feature used to give the impression that a room is larger then what might actually exist.

Bay Windows often are made up of three windows of varying sizes, the formation will typically have a large center window and is surrounded by two smaller windows. The two smaller windows, called flankers, are angled from the wall at approximately 30 to 45 degrees and are often double hung to give adequate ventilation. The advantage of the center window is that although it grants to the viewer a large and unobstructed view, it also serves as a way to ventilate your room.

Bow windows are comprised of three to six windows that are all the same size. This gives the design of the space the ability to have a gradually curved look and feel. The bay design has a sharper angle. It also allows the windows to have a greater capacity for ventilation if installed to do so. It is important to know that installing the bow window in this way will require a larger amount of hardware which may not give you a perfect, unobstructed view. There are typically three different types of installations that a bow window can have. This includes casements, double hung, or single hung.

Local San Diego realtors often say that bay or bow windows really add to the value of a home and they sometimes say it’s often the focal point that their home buyers first notice when they walk into a room. Whether it’s a bay or bow window that has caught your eye, homeowners say it’s an investment they should have done a long time ago! It’s definitely a home improvement that gets a lot of bang for your buck because you can enjoy it every time you walk into the room!

Here at General Millwork Supply, we carry a wide variety of Styles, Types and Material Bay & Bow Windows from various manufacturers. An elegant, gently arched bow window or an angle bay window can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and bring the beauty from the outdoors inside.
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