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Bi-fold doors are generally used as room dividers or most commonly, to enclose a closet, pantry, or laundry area. The doors may be wood, metal, or a composite such as wood covered with vinyl and typically come in four panels. Bi-fold doors pivot on pins inserted at the top and bottom edges, which allow you a greater opening space than a sliding door. A similar option is folding or accordion-folding doors which take up little space when opened.

All bi-fold doors consist of a set of two doors which are connected together using hinges. When the doors are opened the doors fold back on themselves to save space and allow access. It’s also possible to use bi-fold doors together. This means that there will be two sets of folding doors or four doors in total. These are ideal for closets, it’s also often much better to have four smaller doors rather than two much larger doors.


Type 1 – Room Dividers
Sometimes you can also find bi-fold doors which are fitted with glass, these are known as French bi-fold doors and are suitable for a number of different applications. The common use for French bi-fold glass doors would be as room dividers to split a room up into two separate sections. French doors can either be made yourself or brought off the shelf to fit common openings.

Type 2 – Closet Doors
The most common use of bi-fold doors are as closet or pantry doors. In this case, the bi-fold doors are normally made out of solid wood, hollow core hard board panels or louvered doors. Closet doors can beautify any room.

Type 3 – Raised Panel Doors
Raised panel bi-fold doors are made to look like a number of sections of solid wood. A router is used to give detail to certain pieces of the wood which will in turn create a nice design for the wooden doors. Raised panel doors are normally used for closet doors. When they are finished in white they have a modern appearance.
Type 4 – Flat Panel Doors
Flat panel bi-fold doors are another popular type of bi-fold doors. These are made out of flat panels of wood. Flat panel bi-fold doors are suitable for use as closet or pantry doors and occasionally as room dividers.

Bi- Fold Door Materials:
Bi-fold doors can be made out of solid wood, or reclaimed wood products such as MDF or plywood. Natural wood doors can be finished in paint or wood stain. MDF doors however need to be painted because they aren’t suitable for wood stain.
The type of bi-fold door that you decide to use will generally depend on what style you want the doors to look like.

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