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Interior Pantry Door Types: A Diversity of Door Styles

Having a pantry in your kitchen is really useful, whether it’s just a shallow storage area or a separate room. But don’t assume a basic hinged door should do the trick. There are so many other types of pantry doors and styles to take into consideration. You can decide based on your style preferences, the space or size of your pantry and obviously, your budget.

Some Examples of Pantry Doors;

1. Modern Sliding Barn Doors: Use a sliding barn door for a shallow kitchen pantry. It doesn’t have to hide the entire pantry and it can simply be there so the shelves won’t be completely exposed. If the pantry is a separate room or nook, you can use traditional double barn doors. They’re suitable for homes with traditional, rustic or Scandinavian designs. Sure, the sliding door system doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to the concept of barn doors or to any specific style. There’s also plenty of flexibility with sliding doors as they can be customized in all sorts of ways.

2. Wood and Glass Doors Combination: The type of Interior Pantry Door that has a wooden frame and a portion of glass at the center is mostly popular in traditional interior designs. In the case of the pantry, such a door would let you see inside without having to open the door.

3. Pocket Doors:  Pocket Doors are popular in small homes because they’re wonderful space-savers that also offer a really practical design. Pocket doors come in a variety of styles, materials and designs.

4. Doors that Match the Cabinetry:The pantry doors could also match the kitchen cabinetry and look like large cabinet doors. This way you’ll have a cohesive look throughout. It’s a great way to hide the pantry in plain sight.

5. Glass Doors: If you don’t mind having the pantry completely exposed or if, in fact, this type of feature could help improve the overall look, opt for glass doors. Sure, there’s also the option to have opaque glass doors, in which case everything will stay hidden.

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