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If you are looking for windows for your home or business, there are so many types to choose from today, it can be a daunting task to choose the right windows to fit your needs. Firstly, there are the different materials for window frames. Your choice determines a window’s longevity, performance and appearance.

Your basic choices for window frame material types include:

WOOD:  Quality wood windows add warmth, richness and architectural impact to any style home.  They can be custom-sized to fit existing openings to give you a cleaner installation and enhanced curb appeal.  Natural wood also provides structural stability and is an excellent insulator which helps lower your energy costs.  Also, wood windows can be easy to repair and you can choose a species or stain that matches your floor or furniture.

WOOD CLAD:  Wood Clad windows bring an authentic old-world style to any home.  These windows feature thick, precision-milled wood interiors.  This is a wood window covered by an outside layer of vinyl or metal, usually aluminum, that virtually eliminates maintenance.  Metal cladding is more durable by far.  This window shows off wood’s aesthetic qualities on the inside while making use of its insulation properties.

FIBERGLASS:  Fiberglass is becoming more and more accepted as a material for window frames.  It is a mix of spun-glass fiber and polyester resin, is rigid, strong, impervious to water and is as good an insulator as solid wood.  Some manufacturers offer a wood lining on the interior.  The buying public was initially skeptical about fiberglass:  people thought that fiberglass lacked strength and resistance to temperature.  However, these myths have been gradually overcome, and fiberglass is now accepted as an alternative to vinyl.  Unlike vinyl, fiberglass can be painted over, giving aesthetic freedom to the owner.  They are maintenance-free for less than a comparable wood unit, but the design choices are limited.  Fiberglass is also better for larger windows because it can withstand the stress of larger windows better than vinyl.

FIBREX:  Fibrex is a cutting edge material that tries to combine the best of all these options.  It is a composite made from wood fibers and epoxy resin.  The material is made to resemble wood, but it contains no material that will ever rot or deteriorate, making is a good choice for people who like the look of wood but also want durability.  Furthermore, you can paint over it, giving you the ability to choose whatever color you like.  It is also Eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint.
VINYL:  Vinyl windows are the most common today.  Vinyl is the most popular material right now because it is easily manufactured while still maintaining beneficial properties as a window frame material.  The combination of high value and low cost makes it the standard choice for many.  It has good resistance against heat and cold transfer, making it better for insulation.  Note that it can’t be repaired and looks nothing like wood.

ALUMINUM OR STEEL:  Aluminum or steel frames are rarely used for residential buildings, but they can be well suited to commercial applications.  Aluminum as window frame material sacrifices insulation for strength and are low-maintenance.  They are typically used in more contemporary style projects to achieve the look of the narrow profile frame and more glass area.   They are suitable only for mild climates because metals are cold when it is cold outside and hot when it is hot outside, so aluminum frames will not keep your building warm in the winter or vice versa.  If strength is your primary concern, then aluminum or steel frames may be a good choice.

You also have to choose the Style or Type of Window that suits your needs, preference and budget.
Window Styles Available:

  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Bay & Bow
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Picture
  • Radius
  • Garden
  • Skylights
  • Transom
  • Replacement
  • Glass & Acrylic Block
  • Bi-fold Window Systems
  • Custom Designed 

Other Window Options To Consider:
Interior & Exterior Finishes, Casing, Glass, Divided Lites, Hardware, Coastal Hardware, Screens, Opening Control Device, Electrical Operating, Energy Efficient Windows

You can also find some of the different TYPES OF WINDOWS HERE.
There are MANY different Manufacturers that carry all these different Window Types, Materials and Options, so let the professional “No Pressure” experts at General Millwork Supply assist you with your selections…  We are always happy to help you.  Call our Office, or Visit our Showroom Today!